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Join the MilkMade Ice Cream of the Month Membership and receive our two flavors of the month delivered to your door. Monthly Memberships start at $35, hand-delivered to your door every month (local NYC delivery included). It also makes a great gift!
Two New Flavor Experiences
We craft two unique flavors of ice cream each month using only the finest locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients. We're talking Pop Tarts Ice Cream, Maple Pancake, Salted Watermelon, Pine Needle (yes, Pine Needle!) -- you know, the kind of 'screams that dreams are made of.
Delivered to Your Door
During the first full week of the month, the Milkmaids hand-craft and hand-pack each pint, then head out on foot, bike, subway, skateboard, and zipcar to hand-deliver your 'scream right to your door. And if you live outside of New York City or Brooklyn, soon we will ship!

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